It all started when...

I graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto after a four year course in Interior Design. I returned to my hometown of Ottawa, spent a year studying architecture at Carleton University, and began working at Van Leeuwen Boomkamp Ltd, a contemporary home furnishings retailer. Promoted from designer/sales, to store manager, and then headed the Interior Design division. As a senior buyer with the firm, I travelled to New York, Toronto and Montreal trade shows, with the year’s highlight being the Salon de Mobili in Milan, Italy.  Next position was Contract Sales Manager, securing larger projects for the business.  

After almost 18 years with them, I began my own interior design practice. Later, I started buying, renovating and selling homes, and met a top-selling realtor, who became the single greatest source of referrals of her clients to me as she moved clients in and out of their homes, and brought me in to help get those homes ready for sale, way before “staging” was even thought of. 

I moved to Vancouver in 1996, and was hired by Jordans Interiors. As part of their design/sales staff, I had responsibilities for both large and small scale furnishing projects. As the senior interior designer on staff, I also achieved “Top Salesperson of the Year Award” for sales topping 1.2 $ million.  

I have always maintained my own practice over those years with Jordans, doing a large variety of both home and commercial ventures. I prefer to become involved in the design process from the early stage of engaging an architect, as the best results come from a deep connection with the project at the outset, assessing the strengths and weaknesses that all parties bring to the table, and ensuring the project is brought to completion with all parties happy with the results.  With renovation or addition planning, I prefer to work on my own, and only engage another professional when I feel that I need greater expertise than I possess. My professional skills are recognized by most City Hall Building Departments, so that I am able to work directly with them on most projects, without the need to bring in any other professional.

For many years, I have been furnishing temporary rental accommodations for high profile sports figures, movie stars, and the rest of us. I now own a suite in downtown Vancouver, that is a full time and very successful, furnished rental. For those of you who have an interest in bringing in summer income, the market here is strong for good properties, renting at exceptional rates, and can be viewed either on Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) or Air BnB.

Here on the coast, I quickly became involved with Habitat for Humanity, and am on the Board, with responsibility for ReStore. 

If you are thinking about changes in your living environment, or are planning on something new, feel free to give me a call to discuss your ideas, and see if we  connect. I love working with the public, and my unsolicited testimonials say as much.